Direction for Bedfordshire is a dedicated, confidential signposting service that gives free advice, guidance and help to offenders, ex-offenders, vulnerable people and the friends/family of those who have been or who are currently managed under the criminal justice system. Direction is a resource for those wanting to move away from crime, and a preventative tool for those whose socio-economic situation may lead to criminality. By making links to organisations across Bedfordshire, individual issues can be addressed to put people in a better place.

Direction offers advice around opportunities for education, training and volunteering to up-skill individuals for employment. Direction can give guidance on housing options and providers who can work on financial management. Direction work with organisations who help improve the quality of lives of those affected by drug and alcohol use, and who support the mental and physical well-being of vulnerable people across Bedfordshire. Direction can make connections to family and relationship services that can benefit both service users and their support network. As a signposting service, Direction recognise that women and young people have their own individual needs and have created partnership links with professionals who understand these.

Direction is commissioned by the Bedfordshire OPCC (Office of Police and Crime Commissioner) and launched in April 2019 in partnership with YouTurn Furtures. YouTurn manage the co-coordinators and oversea the project to ensure its success.

For more information about the service we provide and our partner agencies in Bedfordshire you can visit the Direction for Bedfordshire website here.

Direction for Bedfordshire

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Direction for Bedfordshire
Direction for Bedfordshire
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