What is Direction+ Conditional Caution?

A bespoke 1-2-1 session with an experienced lead professional, which aims to reduce re-offending by identifying the individuals complex issues and needs. We provide guidance and access to local support pathways whilst exploring the impact of their offending behaviour on victims and their own life. Attendance is compulsory. If the individual fails to attend, pay or participate, they can be prosecuted for the original offence.

Offenders pay £75 to attend the session. This is not charged to the police force

What happens?

The police will simply send referral details to us securely and we will:

– Monitor and encourage initial contact within 2 weeks.
– Manage and process payments.
– Deliver a bespoke 1-2-1 session at locations across Bedfordshire or online.
– Provide opportunities to engage with wider local partners.
– Timely report to police of attendance or non-compliance.

If you have been charged and given a conditional caution contact us on 0800 917 5579. 

Find out more by downloading an information leaflet here.