Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) is a hugely distressing form of sexual, emotional and physical abuse of children.  It can be extremely difficult to recognise as many of the warning signs are symptomatic of challenges that all parents of adolescent or near adolescent children face. In Bedfordshire, we are committed to protecting children and young people from harm and prosecuting those who commit sexual crimes against them. We will do this by working with partners to:

  • Identify children at risk of sexual exploitation
  • Intervene with children and families to safeguard those at risk of exploitation
  • Adopt proactive problem-solving measures to identify, disrupt and prosecute those seeking to sexually exploit children
  • Train staff to recognise signs that a child is being exploited
  • Raise public awareness of child sexual exploitation
  • Follow the LSCB child protection procedures on child sexual exploitation if a child is identified as suffering or is at risk of sexual exploitation

Please see some links to documents that may be useful below:

Bedfordshire CSE Disruption Toolkit – Update – March 2018
Child_exploitation_disruption_toolkit (003)
CSE Missing Strat 18-20
CSE Practitioners Guidance – May 2019 – Update -Version 1 CSE_Guidance_Core_Document_13.02.2017

Child Sexual Exploitation
Child Sexual Exploitation
Please click the link below to view a one page info-graphic where many tool kits and guidance documents, in regards
Child Sexual Exploitation
Please click on the links below to access Bedfordshire guidance documents, screening tools and information in regards to tackling Child
Child Sexual Exploitation
During these unprecedented and uncertain times as a county we must remember that exploitation does not end because of the
Child Sexual Exploitation
Bedfordshire has become the first county to launch the Home Office Child Exploitation Disruption Toolkit, which gives front line practitioners
Child Sexual Exploitation
Early last week YouTurn travelled to Cambridgeshire Police HQ in Huntingdon for the NWG (National Working Group) conference on Disruption