YouTurn Futures delivers a Supported Pathway Service for 16- to 24-year-olds.  The service is designed to support young people to move away from serious violence, knife crime, gangs, organised criminality and support those at risk of being exploited through these activities.

The Supported Pathway scheme is designed to: provide a more intensive approach for those young people who do not qualify for the support of more acute services; and assist statutory providers that need support for more challenging young people to help turn their lives around and away from crime. It is intended to identify and assist where there are gaps in current service provision and to support the transition from child to adult services.


YouTurn Futures adopts a non-judgemental, flexible, person centred, needs based approach. Success is determined through: the identification of young people; assessment of their pathway needs; support on those pathways; and, diverting them away from the lifestyle and influences causing vulnerability and helping them to develop their own pathway to a positive future.

Pathway needs considered include housing, drugs and alcohol, education/training/employment, health and wellbeing, finance, relationships, lifestyles and associates, attitudes/thinking/behaviour.

An initial conversation held jointly where appropriate with the professional referring the young person to YouTurn will establish the young person’s goals and formulate a support plan with them to achieve these goals.

YouTurn then mentor the young person, also seeking out and making use of other services and helping the young people to engage with these where needed.  YouTurn is an independent charity organisation so can also support you and the young person to talk more effectively and engage. In addition, where needed YouTurn can support parents with keeping the young person safe, as well as their own pathway needs where relevant to the support of the young person.

Feedback and measurement of effectiveness

We use the Warwick-Edinburgh wellbeing scoring system to feedback on how clients feel about life and to monitor progress with their mental wellbeing. We also use a pathways matrix system to monitor progress with pathway needs and the support plan.  We also use case studies to illustrate the effectiveness of our service.

Mental Health: in addition to using Warwick-Edinburgh, YouTurn also uses industry scoring systems (PHQ-7 and GAD-9) to measure mood and anxiety.  Scores are contextualised with the individual monitored on their journey with us.

Success will be determined through: the identification of young people; assessment of their pathway needs; support on those pathways; and, diversion away from the lifestyle and influences causing vulnerability.

Professionals can make a referral by please downloading a form from the ‘Referral Forms’ section of this website and emailing it securely to . If you need to discuss any matters relating to your referral please contact Emma 07714794087, Antonella 07512301726 or Steve 07512 308358 or free phone 0800 917 5579 .

In regular 121 sessions we support young people to:

  • establish their own pathway needs
  • make a plan to achieve their goals
  • engage with other services

Young people regularly review their progress to encourage and motivate them.